Law Review Symposium Goes Virtual

As we continue our collective fight against COVID-19, through the “new normal” of pandemic life emerges a new platform for the Western New England Law Review: a fully virtual Symposium event. For the 2020–2021 academic year, the Review invites all interested members of the public to its first virtual Symposium: NEW ABOLITIONISM: Ending Civil Immigration Detention and… Read More

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: Abused Children Seeking State Court Intervention

By Caroline M. Foley Undocumented children in the United States are especially vulnerable due to their lack of access to resources, when compared to children with legal status. For instance, they are five times more likely to come into state care due to sexual abuse. This vulnerability is exacerbated when they are victims of abuse, abandonment, and/or neglect by… Read More

An Examination of the Good Moral Character Requirement

By Alexander Cerbo The good moral character requirement is an essential component of federal immigration efforts; it ensures a “virtuous polity” and protects American ideals. However, while the United States holds itself out as a safe haven for those who seek a better life, it only welcomes those whom we deem belong. With more policies to remove… Read More