Arun Kumar Judgment—A Gender Spectrum Model of Marriage in India

“She, who never knew which box to tick, which queue to stand in, which public toilet to enter (Kings or Queens? Lords or Ladies? Sirs or Hers?). . . She, who knew she was all wrong, always wrong. She, augmented by her ambiguity.“ — Arundhati Roy, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness By Aastha Khanna and… Read More

Massachusetts Wages Cupcake Wars During Pandemic

By Jessica Gandy and Daryl James Retired salon owner and daycare provider Marcia Donnelly did not want to fight City Hall. She just wanted to sell home-baked sourdough bread from her kitchen in Southbridge. Homemade food businesses are common and easy to start in most states, and have become increasingly popular amidst the COVID-19 lockdowns.… Read More

An Examination of the Good Moral Character Requirement

By Alexander Cerbo The good moral character requirement is an essential component of federal immigration efforts; it ensures a “virtuous polity” and protects American ideals. However, while the United States holds itself out as a safe haven for those who seek a better life, it only welcomes those whom we deem belong. With more policies to remove… Read More