Gender Bias and Parental Alienation: How Massachusetts Courts Are Perpetuating a Dangerous Mythology

By Brittany K. Bandani Thirty years ago, less than 2% of custody and visitation disputes involved any allegations of child sexual abuse, despite it being an alarmingly common occurrence in this country. Today, as more survivors of child sexual abuse come forward, a troubling trend has emerged—mothers who allege paternal sexual abuse of their children are more likely to lose custody,… Read More

The Family Resolutions Specialty Court: Hampshire Probate and Family Court’s New Legal Pathway for Families in Litigation

Families in the midst of a divorce, separation, or post-divorce legal process don’t usually thrive in a hostile, polarized, legalistic environment as they carve out a pathway to the new lives they’ve chosen. In its focus on “you versus me,” the adversarial atmosphere very often poisons any chance for the parents to achieve a collaborative coparenting relationship. Read More